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Precision Fitness and it's Trainers are dedicated to providing our clients with great workouts and results.​ Whether you need the attention of private sessions or enjoy the team work of a group session, we offer the best of both worlds! Precision also specializes in training Athletes, from Middle School to the golfer looking for that extra 10 yards. Looking to get strong - we offer Strength classes as well as a Barbell Club. Want to move better and feel better - Precision creates programs for core strength and functional movement, or try one of our Foundations classes. Let us provide you with what you need to succeed!



Individulaized programs designed to get the most out of your workout. Precision uses a Functional Movement Screen to see how individuals move and to see where they can improve, from Core strength and stability to strength progressions. We help you obtain the goals and milestones you want to achieve.


Small group training is a fun and effective way to achieve your fitness goals. Work as a team and foster friendships that help you push through workouts. Precision utilizes foundations in Strength, Cardio, and Core to design programs for you and your group to becoming healthier and stronger!



Precision specializes in the training of all Athletes. We have extensive knowledge and years of working with Athletes of all levels, from Middle School to Professionals. Entire softball, football, baseball, basketball and track teams have worked out here together or individually. Be faster, be stronger, less injuries, have more stamina, hit a ball further, throw harder! We develop our Athletes like no one else!

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This isn't your typical class or bootcamp. Sweating until you drop is not the goal. Becoming healthier, better educated, and stronger is the goal. Programs are designed to help improve everything from athletic performance to simple tasks such as picking up your children. We focus on getting better at the 4 main strength movements; Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press and Pull Ups. Vertical jumps will improve, golf scores will drop, and picking up a heavy load of laundry will become effortless. 

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Nutrition is far more responsible for creating your shape and your health than you could ever imagined. An individualized nutrition plan is the leading factor in obtaining the body you've always desired. Here at Precision we are dedicated to educating and implementing a flexible eating plan that allows you to find balance. Set up an appointment today and get on the right path to a new and healthier you!

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